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As of April 1, 2019, Ryan Marin has joined Aura LLP as a partner, practising through a professional corporation.

If you are an existing client with on-going matters, please note that this change affects neither my obligations to you as a client, nor your rights as a client.

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Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions

COMMERCIAL and Residential Real Estate Transactions

At Martin Law we understand the time constraints and complex procedures  associated with closing a purchase, sale or re-finance transaction. During the transaction, you can count on our expertise in real estate law to review and fulfill all mortgage instructions from any bank or trust company, conduct relevant title searches and draft all closings documents. We will make every effort to ensure that transactions are completed in a timely manner while protecting your rights as a buyer seller or borrower throughout the course of the transaction and after closing. 

  • We assist you in exploring different options, whether through conventional lenders or by way of private mortgage

  • We are knowledgeable about the best ways to get loans or financing and we take the time out to discuss this with you. We do not just make the decisions but guide you on the one that will be best for your goals. We listen to you.

  • We can also help you decide whether to purchase title insurance for the transaction. Based on the level of importance, we serve as your shield against any drastic mistakes that could affect you in the future.


During the transaction, you can count on our expertise in real estate law to:

  • Review and fulfill all mortgage instructions from any bank or trust company

  • Double check that all terms and conditions are fulfilled, and there are no hidden contractual agreements.

  • Conduct relevant title searches on your behalf. Our team of experts makes use of several advanced tools to ensure that this process is completed in record time.

  • Draft all closings documents. At Martin Law, we do not dump you halfway. It is our duty to remain with you until you put pen to paper finally. Depending on the kind of transaction involved, we also offer special after-sales services to ensure that you are on the right footing.

When it comes to the completion of your real estate transactions,

  • We will make every effort to ensure that all real estate transactions are completed promptly without taking any issue with levity.  However, it is not just about the speed; we also place an emphasis on efficiency. Therefore, we complement fast transactions with quality service delivery. They both go hand in hand.

  • We protect your rights as a buyer, seller or borrower throughout the course of the transaction and after closing.


Our goal is to make you aware of our attention to detail from day one by walking you through your legal issue and taking the time to explain the process as the matter moves forward. At Martin Law, we pay attention to the streamlining of all your real estate transactions. You can count on us to complete them with a high level of attention to detail while guiding you throughout the entire process.


Condominium and development law 

 We offer specialty real estate services for those heavily involved in real estate development and condominium management. Whether you need a status certificate drafted or in need of large scale financing and commercial leasing and we can prepare all documents or can review documents already prepared that you are thinking about signing.

Should you not be satisfied with the terms of a lease, we can negotiate the lease on your behalf and make changes to a lease that are favorable to you. We will act for you whether you are a commercial landlord or tenant in this context.

In addition we can assist you with these other elements of Development and Condominium law:

  • condominium board restructuring,

  • draft and re-drafting of condominium declarations;

  • draft or redraft of condominium bylaws.

  • review of registered plans of subdivisions, condominium plans and condominium declarations.

  • draft of condominium status certificates

Please contact us for any of your condominium law needs.

Development Law and Condominium Law

Zoning and Municipal Law

Zoning and Municipal Law

Business Law

Business Law

Municipal and Zoning Law

We also offer assistance to those in need of making changes to zoning bylaws on their property. In particular, we offer drafting or review of bylaws proposals and drafting or review of zoning applications. We  have specialized knowledge of the zoning application process and can handle all elements of the applicaiton from start to finish.

If you have recently purchased a piece of land and and have a clear idea of how you would like the land to be used, please contact us and we will be happy to set up a meeting to discuss how to structure your application for approval with the municipality where the land is located.


Buying or Selling a business

Whether your buying or selling a business or your making changes to the structure of your business we can assist you with all of your business law needs.  Our services for business law clients include drafting all commercial documents including drafting of commercial leases and commercial lending agreements. We can also provide advice on how to structure your business to maximize your profit and flexibility and assist with all elements of buying or selling shares in business. 

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